6 Pieces of Advice You Can Give Yourself

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Your self-talk is the channel of behavior change
Gino Norris

Have you ever felt the need to go to a psychologist and have a conversation that is supposed to help you? Why not try talking to yourself? I know it sounds a bit crazy at first, but you should be the only person that knows what is best for you and what you want to achieve in the present and future, and if you cannot give yourself advice that is good enough, then, who will? 

1. “I think that I should read more.”

Sounds like a good plan, that we may never accomplish. You don’t have time? Make time. Will Smith made a perfect speech some years back: “The key to life is running and reading. Read because there is nothing in this world that has not already happened, and run, because by running, you will always be able to clear your head of what is bothering you, what is stressful in your life”.

Read, because there is no other world better that the one in your imagination, no better scenery than the one you create in your head. Read and you will enlarge your field of view, you will become more creative, more excited to learn, to figure out new beginnings for you, for your future, your family and friends. Read, because there is no better adviser than a good book, nor a better relaxation that this. 

2. “I think that I should start exercising.”

That is a brilliant idea (why didn’t I think of it first?)! Exercising makes your endorphin level go up (the happy hormones), and as a result it will help you become…well, happier, more relaxed, and with an improved physical shape. It does not matter what kind of exercising you do, either it is fitness, kick boxing, running, riding a bicycle, taking a class of Zumba, aerobics or yoga.

If you practice any of these or something else at least a couple of times a week, then you will detach from your day to day routine, have a lower stress level and a higher level of relaxation, oh and let’s not forget, better health as well.

3. “Maybe I should watch less television and perhaps listen more to what the people around me have to say.”

If you ever told yourself this, then I support you 100%. I think that television is a waste of time and I, for one, do not watch it at all. Reading a newspaper has become so easy to do online, that you do not need a TV anymore, and who needs to hear some people talk, when you are surrounded with family and friends? They are the most important people in your life, they also have problems or issues to deal with, so, at some point, they, too, need to talk to somebody. Listen to them, you will find out better and more interesting things from them, than from movies, series or gossip channels. 

4. “The time that I should eat healthier came.”

Amen to that! Healthy food has been a subject of discussion for many years now, since all the organic foods have started to be given less attention more and more fast food is promoted. I know that we all lack the time to prepare a fresh meal that is also healthy, but if you want to live a better life, with less health issues, and visit the medical doctor’s practice less, then maybe you should consider it. There are a lot of illnesses that are related to a bad alimentation and more people should start looking in their plates and at what they are putting into their stomach.

5. “What do I really want?” “Do I have goals that I am willing to sacrifice things in my life for?”

The truth lies inside you. These are questions that everybody asks themselves, but there is no answer that an outsider can give you. Your head and your soul are the masters of your wishes. Do you want a family more than a career? Do you want a career more than a family? Do you want them both? Do you only want to travel? At some point in your life you will have to start making some decisions, either it’s at 18, 30 or 50, you will always have time to dream and set goals. Just think about it long before taking any rash decisions and after that think if you are also willing to sacrifice small parts of your life for it, too. 

6. “Maybe it’s time to be happier.”

Leave the stress behind. Forget about the worries. Why be concerned when life always, in a way or another, helps you find what you are looking for? Do whatever makes you happy, regardless of what anyone thinks, just push yourself towards achieving your dreams.

Is there a conversation that you need to have with yourself today? What is it about? :)