17 Tips to Start a Life You Adore

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Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
Dalai Lama

1. Your life right now. Do you like it? Would you make a change? 

Stop from whatever you are doing at this point and think about this for a second: are you completely satisfied with your life and thoughts? With the people surrounding you? There is always enough time left for you to make things go in whatever direction you wish, but you have to try focusing on what seems to be good enough for you. 

2. Define your qualities.

What are you doing best in your life at this point? Are you better at something other than your job? Explore that/those qualities, and you will be amazed of what possibilities lay ahead. 

3. Mend old relationships, get rid of the ones that make you sad and stressed.

Why? Because you do not need additional stress in your life, from sources other than the ones out of your control. Keep next to you only the people that have been there for you, those for whom you would go through fire yourself.

4. Put some money aside.

Obviously, for one to have a beautiful life, he or she should always keep some money aside. You can always spoil yourself, but you also have to try to have some financial security in case you need the money urgently. This type of security is less and less met in our days as many people are depending on banks for loans, that is why putting some money aside whenever it is possible it is always a good idea.

5. Try to find other ways to earn money.

"If you are good at something never do it for free" (Heath Ledger). One has to try to have a really opened mind and he or she will always see new possibilities of earning, even though it is not the domain in which they studies or were trained. 

6. Write about the things in your life that make you happy.

Family, friends, lovers, children will always put a smile on your face. So write about them, tell them how much you love each and every one of them, send them beautiful letters. Even though you may think of it as being old school, a person will always be happy to find a letter from a dear one in their mail box.

7. Do whatever you wish to do, take matters into your own hands.

Travel, adventure, have you ever thought about it? You work and try to earn a lot of money, but in the end, if you do not enjoy yourself then why are you working? 

8. Decide important dates and goals in your life.

Set a goal, set a date for that goal, if you really want it, you can always accomplish it, no matter how impossible it may seem! 

9. Do you like the current place you are working in?

The field that is occupying most of your time? Do you need to escape? Then maybe it is not your domain. Ideally, the activity from which you earn your living, should also be enjoyable. If leaving your job is not an option, then try to somehow balance things, either by infusing some happiness into your work environment or by doing additional fun things outside work. The idea is to combine productivity with pleasure, work with happiness.

10. Motivate yourself more.

Post motivational quotes on your walls, computer background, fridge, car, and basically anywhere in your sight : post-its, posters, pictures of what you wish to accomplish. Anything that gives you a mental push and provides and an additional impulse to make you accomplish the things you want.

11. Be satisfied with yourself. Learn to love yourself. 

Stop trying to change and start loving yourself the way you are. “Be yourself, everybody else is taken” - Oscar Wilde. If you do not like yourself and do not have a great opinion about you, who do you think is going to do it? If you want to be liked you have to first learn how to like yourself, to love your body and your mind, to be happy with what you are and what you want to be. 

12. Listen to your heart. Let go of your fears. 

Why? Because even if it doesn’t work out the way you planned in the beginning you always end up learning so much and you can always start again! What’s the worst that can happen? 

13. Stop listening to all the critics.

Some of them just want to see you fail, ignore them. Start living for yourself, not for the others. If you always look over the shoulder and think about what everyone else’s opinion is about you, how will you ever get to being happy? 

14. Make your body your altar.

Honor it. Why does everybody put emphasis on their bodies? Because it’s the only house that your soul has. Take care of it, make it as beautiful and as clean as your outside home. 

15. Make a bucket list.

What are your deepest, most hidden secrets? Do you want to get a tattoo? Do you want to climb a mountain? Do you wish you would be blonde or brunette? Make a list, who knows, maybe one day you will get the courage to do everything you put down on paper. 

16. Take a break.

Who says breaks are not useful? Taking 10 minutes for yourself, to relax, listen to some good music, spend time with your loved ones, or just enjoy the silence can make your life happier than you thought. 

17. Reduce the "urgent" things you HAVE to do.

Put emphasis on what really matters for YOU. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? Also remember that the bills that need to be paid are going to be there tomorrow as well, pictures in which you were tagged on Facebook as well, but the moments that you lose worrying about these insignificant problems and not spending them with family or close ones will never come back. 

What makes your life beautiful? Would there be a possibility of making it even more likeable? How would you do this?