7 Things You Have Let Fear Take Away from You

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The fear of death often proves mortal, and sets people on methods to save their lives, which infallibly destroys them.
Joseph Addison

Fear. Our worst enemy. The feeling that makes us react in certain ways, which most of the times is connected to false scenarios created by our minds, and which in most cases prevents us from growing. Why do we let it set control over us? How much do we have to lose because of it? Well... you can get an idea from the following lines, but think about how much you, yourself, have lost because of the fact that you were afraid.

Do not get me wrong, fear is an integral part of our life, and it should be,because it prevents us from what is dangerous, from things that can physically harm us and so on. This article however wants to treat the situations where we go overboard, and we let fear interfere with our ability of addressing problems or situations that need to be addressed.   

1. Do not forget about the ability to make concrete decisions. Fear in most cases clouds your judgment. Being afraid of one person, or because one dream may not be accomplished can make you postpone your actions and even determine you to take rash decisions, decisions that you would not normally take. Why? Because you are afraid that there is no other way. There is always a way, you just have to look hard enough for it and you will eventually find it!

2. Remember about your path, purpose, dreams or relationships. Why let them go because in the present there seems to be nothing you can do about them? Set a goal, do not forget about what you want, about what you are good at, and the future will bring it to you. If you constantly let fear of failure overwhelm your purposes or your relationships, you will never get to what you truly want.

3. Happiness. Remember that you live for yourself, stop being afraid of being happy even if there will be people to judge those feelings. Nobody but you lives in your shoes. Nobody else is going through what you are going through, so let go of fear, do not let it steal the things that make you feel accomplished. Fight it and try to get a better, more positive outcome of whatever it is you are going through. Everyone deserves to be happy, so embrace it, stop being afraid acting of external events or reactions.

4. Fear makes you forget about yourself. Don’t lose self-respect. You deserve to love yourself. Start doing things that make you and your body happy and forget about your old routines once in a while. Pamper yourself at least once a week with something sweet, go to a spa, go to a massage session, meet a friend that puts a smile on your face, have sex with your partner, go see a movie, go out and have fun. Remember about yourself, respect yourself, your mind and your body and stop putting your desires on hold due to the lack of time or money.

5. Fear may cause us to take rash decisions or it may lead into forgetting that we deserve the right company, a true and beautiful relationship. Do not ever forget about your girlfriend or boyfriend. Even if they are close-by or far away, they deserve your complete attention and cooperation, although it maybe hard in some situations. We all are scared by relationships, we all have the fear that it may never work. But what if it does? Can you imagine how beautiful would that be?

6. “When life gives you lemons....”...do not be afraid to take them.Opportunities are good, do not question the field where they appear: either it is in love or work. Do you have a new job offer? That’s good, take it! Are you a single girl and a boy likes you? Why don’t  you go out with him on a date? Are you a single guy and a girl does not stop liking your pictures on Facebook? Ask her out. Either it is work or love or relationships, opportunities always appear on our doorstep. Not always as we want them to come. Not in the same shape or how we have imagined them to be, but how it is supposed to be. It is up to you to decide whether you want to take a certain opportunity when it arises or let fear take you.

7. Last, but not least, do not ever let fear take your power of unconditional love. Every one of us is capable of giving their most powerful feelings if they consider they are giving them to the right person. Stop being afraid. All of us have been hurt in a relationship because of the other person,or even because of a situation that we, ourselves created, but that is no reason to stop loving, to stop caring, or to stop giving our deepest, strongest feelings to someone that is truly important to us. When you love, you know it,but why let fear get a hold of you? Why not fight the feeling of “what if it will not work” and make it work? :)

Is there something in your life you haven’t accomplished due to fear? Can you name a certain situation when you went past through your fears and achieved something important? Please let us know in the comment section bellow.