10 Tips for Prioritizing a to Do List and Becoming Happier

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Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.
Paul Meyer

Each and every one of us has become more and more busy, with a tight schedule, between friends, family, work, dreams and hopes of what could go better. But how do we know where to start? How do we not overwhelm ourselves? What should we prioritize? The following list is oriented not so much towards productivity, but rather towards feelings happier, which I think is way more important.

1. You, your family and friends are at the top of the list.

There is nothing more important than your close ones in any problem solving matter. They will always be the people who need you the most in their lives and, of course, that you will always need in yours. So take care of them. Take care of their needs. And they will take care of you and help you whenever their turn will come. 

2. Each issue that has to be resolved goes after the other, not all at once.

Try making a list of all the things you need to resolve and take it step by step. Everything will seem a bit easier like this, and you will be able to give full attention to the task at hand. After finishing something, cross it off the list, and so on, until the list is complete. 

Going through a to do list like this is basically the same with living in the present, you need to emerge yourself completely in whatever you decided to do and enjoy what you do in the process.

3. Create a perspective that will make sense, after that delegate to the purpose.

Even if there will always be problems existing in your life that do not always make sense, you have to take a step back at first. Try to see it from every angle possible, analyze the situation, and only after you have reflected long enough on the issue, and figured out a small conclusion, then you can relate it to a goal, thus trying to mend one thing by accomplishing another. 

4. Make efforts as big as your purpose.

Do you want something bad enough? Then my guess is that you will do anything you can to get it. Work hard, study harder. In the end, you will not see the nights you lost working and not sleeping, but the dream that has come true. What else can be better than this? 

5. Give as much as you can while going for your goals.

Your goals, your dreams, your ambitions - nobody will ever understand them as good as yourself. So get up, get to work, put what you really want in the first spot of your list as a priority, and the rest of whatever needs to be done will follow in accordance with your desires.

6. Importance, not urgency.

What do you consider is more important: a sick friend or an unpaid bill? Always, but always, make time for what is important. If you do not prioritize in the order of importance, you can lose track of what is going on in your life, the life of your close ones, and you can also deviate from the path that leads to satisfaction and achievement.

7. Always respect yourself, your breaks and relaxation time.

If you do not make time for yourself, then who will? “Have a break, have a Kit-Kat” is a really good commercial in my opinion. Why? Well because it sums up 2 of the most loved things in the world: chocolate and breaks (who does not love them?). Take 5 minutes every hour, breathe, maybe if you have the time, take one whole day off during the week and just do nothing. Reward yourself with a good movie and a cup of tea. You deserve it! 

8. Receive advice.

What would work be if we would keep everything we do to ourselves? I think that by sharing what you want to accomplish with your close ones you can get through some issues faster than expected. Receiving advice and even accepting criticism with an open mind is a matter of courage and self confidence that each and every one of us should be proud to have.

If you want to get to where your purpose lays, then you should give your efforts a social twist, make it a team effort, even if it is only with your friends. Who says that they do not have great ideas? Who knows? Maybe they will be the ones giving you the best guidance and support in your work life. 

9.Have a flexible approach.

Even if you are focused and organized, some of the things you will work on will not turn out as planned. And that is ok, as long as you understand that life has its own surprises. As you may have observed, certain things will have a higher chance of becoming accomplished as long as you do not obsess about them. So maintain a positive attitude, and have a little bit of trust that the Universe will still work on getting you where you need to be.

10. Don’t forget to forget!

The past is never as important as the present or the future. Let your past failures stay in the past. You do not need them to remind you of what went wrong then. You just need to remember and focus on what will really go right this time. So take matters into the present, think about the future, and live just as you have always dreamed you will. 

Do you have any tips on how you should prioritize the things that need to be taken care of in life? If you do then please share them with the community in the comment section below.