8 Things You Should Avoid Before Getting Ahead

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It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.
Lou Holtz

We all want to succeed, we all want to go on with our lives as we have always dreamed since we were children. The question is how? How do you go on without being stopped? How do you prevent yourself from getting stuck somewhere along the way? How can you still be positive with everything that is going on around you? Well just... keep on reading. 

1. Everyone makes mistakes, but the key is not to be focused on failure, but on doing the right things through failures. 

Be thankful for the bad things in life. They were the reason you opened your eyes to the good things you weren't paying attention to before. They happened, but they passed, and look at you, you’re still living and breathing. Wow! That’s a sign that you have to move on from the mistakes and problems that already happened. If you re-live them, then you will always go through the same suffering you were going through a while back. 

2. The approval of others means nothing if you are not satisfied with yourself.

Why make things and commit to someone or something if you do not want it? It does not matter that it will make your parents happy or satisfied with your choice, or the general opinion will be a good one about your person. You will be the one suffering in the end, if you do it. Do things for you. You are living your life, you are the one stuck in that job. Get up, have some courage and do only what makes you happy. 

3. Never put other people’s wishes in front of yours.

Trying to satisfy the others more than yourself is the biggest mistake you could ever do. Everybody lives their own lives and has their own wishes. Some parents tend to put some weight on their children’s shoulders in order to “encourage” them to live up to their expectations, and succeed in the domains they never had the possibility to.

I know that as a parent you want your child to grow bigger than you ever were, and as a child that you only want to make your parents happy, but: Parents, stop! Maybe your child has his own hopes and dreams. And you, children, do whatever makes you happy! If you are going to be happy by satisfying your needs, and achieving a long term dream, your parents are going to be proud of you, even though you went on your way, and not theirs! 

4. There are no shortcuts towards your life’s purpose.

You have to work until you gain the purpose that you already established. I know that there is a saying that the lazy people tend to find the shortest ways to get things done, but how long do you think that will last? For long term happiness and dreams you have to invest as much time as you can and as much as you want to receive back. 

5. Remember that you are living in the present, not in the future.

Do not sacrifice present moments for what might happen sometime. So, we have already established the fact that you have to leave alone your past. But obsessing over the future will not bring you any good either. If you do not focus on your present work, how can your future surprise you, with you thinking and thinking over and over again at what might happen? 

6. The past is the past and no one has a time machine to mend it.

Get over the lost mistakes, for there is a reason why it is called “past” and not “present”. If you spend your whole life regretting things of the past, you'll never get to enjoy the things in your present. I will not tell you to forget what happened into your past, but every decision that you ever made, every step you took along the way, you initially passed it through your filter of thoughts, so you know that at some point you were the one wanting that certain thing. You have to start coping with your decisions and see what you want the future to bring you. 

7. The present is always going to be the right time to get ahead for what you want to do.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment. There will never be a good time if you keep waiting like this. Do you want it? Then go and get it. 

8. Do not get scared because it did not work out turned out just the way you imagined it.

Life is full of the unknown and inexplicable, but even so , if you wish it hard enough, you will get wherever you want to get. 

What is important for you in your life right now? Do you want to make a change? Do you have a purpose or you just work because you HAVE TO? Think about yourself for a moment and share your thoughts in the comment section below.