6 Tips on How to Get along with Your Loved Ones

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A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
George Bernard Shaw

Every family has its issues, and each of us has hated at least once one member our family because of not very important reasons. How do we or others avoid situations where we end up feeling like this? How do we start getting along better? I would love to see only peace and harmony, even in bigger families, and even though it may sometimes be hard, we can at least try? How? Keep on reading! 

1. Always try to be honest. Who has not had secrets towards their mother or father? What parents always tell the truth to their children (Let’s not forget about Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy)? Even though they are white lies, that are meant to hide some not likeable truths from your loved ones, they are still lies! It will be really hard at first, but start to admit to yourself, to your partner, or children, what you have been hiding from them. Even though there was a lie between you, the truth can make wonders and you will be surprised about how much understanding you could get from the people that are close to your heart. 

“Sometimes you do not feel the weight of something you have been carrying around until you feel the weight of its release.” - Unknown

2. Do not let a day pass by without asking your parents thoughtful questions. How was your day? Does your head still hurt? Can I go out with that friend that upset you once? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend still mad at you? Why were you fighting with dad, is there something I can do? These are not nagging questions. Just by asking them, you tell your loved one how much you care about them and about their life. Of course combine them with action where needed, try to help them fix something that is broken, give them medicine if they are sick , and so on. Ask these questions and show that you care every day, for every day is going to matter. 

3. Touch them in any way you can. Not physically, but by bringing your mother a bouquet of flowers once in a while, getting your father that DVD with a movie you have never seen together, inviting your daughter’s boyfriend to dinner without terrorizing him, etc.. Get together one night a week and play some family games, spend quality time with your parents/children and their friends and you will see how nice it will turn around everything that has been going on in your home. 

4. Tell them how important they are to you and how much you care about them as many times as you can. “Good morning, sweetheart. I love you!”, “I love you too, dad!”, “Thank you for being there for me” and so many other expressions alike will help you communicate better about your feelings towards each other. You may not live together and you may not see each other daily, but the means of communication have evolved so much these days that nothing can stop you from getting in touch with the people that are close to you. Write letters to them, Skype, Facebook, Twitter about them, or even a simple text will suffice to inquire about their day to day life. 

5. Do things that matter to them. Let the positive consequences of your actions speak more than you do. Do they want to go some place special for their birthday? Do your children want to go to a certain college, do they want to take a year off school? Ask them why, talk things over, maybe they have bigger reasons than you ever expected. Do your parents want a nice rendez-vous with the whole family? Why not do it? You will spend a rewarding afternoon with relatives that you may not have seen in quite a while. 

If it is important for them, then it should be more important to you too, so try and make them happier and more satisfied.

6. Tell them how you feel, talk about your heart. It is well known the fact that all of us go through rough patches once in a while, and there is no secret that we need people in our lives to get through those difficult times. Depression may come, anger or frustration, but you can let go of all of those negative feelings as soon as you are surrounded by people that you love and that love you back and who are ready to do as much as they can for your well-being. 

How do your days go by next to the people you love? Do you listen, do you share? Do you help or communicate just as much as you wish to? Why not try harder? Would it make you and them happier? Share your thoughts below and let me know.