9 Things You Can Live Without and Still Become Accomplished

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One of the best feelings in the world is realizing that you're perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed.

What can you live without and still get through life and straight to success? 

1. The stress, which will always be present in your life. You cannot erase it, but you can learn new methods of improving your relaxation skills and ignoring every source of stress that comes into your life. One has at first to be happy, and after that the success will follow. This is why famous and successful people take as many holidays as they can. This is the reason why people keep on telling you that having more breaks will get you closer to your success. Relaxation is the key. A person that is relaxed and sleeps through the night will always get to a goal they have set in life faster than the sleep deprived and upset people. 

2. Criticism. You do not need everyone to be on board with what you think is right. You do what you have to do for yourself, not for your parents or friends. It would be very useful if they would agree with you and try to help you when they can and where you let them, but even if they do not hop on board with your ideas, still try to pursue the things you want to achieve.

3. Circumstances which you consider that need to be perfect. Nothing is perfect, nor it will ever be. Things that come to us are never as we have imagined them. The universe will find new ways of surprising you especially when you think you cannot be surprised anymore. 

4. Perfection and happiness. It is true that happiness will always be a very important aspect of our lives, but nobody is endlessly happy. Good times are followed by bad times that are followed by good once again. We all go through life’s cycle of good combined with the bad, the good in the bad and the bad in the good. You just have to deal with the fact that nobody can live a perfect live. Even the most romantic movies that have a happy ending, have underlined the importance of bad moments in your life in order to emphasize the good ones. 

5. Lots and lots of money. It is probably true that it is horrible to be depressed in a Porsche, and even worse to cry on a bicycle, but if you know your way around the small amount of money that you are earning, and if you know how to set some aside for the unexpected, and still manage to pay your bills, I think you are doing better than at least ¼ of the population. With success, happiness will come, and with happiness money will also come. You just have to be patient. 

6. Your past. Your mistakes and failures do not define you. What defines you is how you react to what brings you down, and if you still have the ability to get up, dust off, and go on with what you want to do when the unwanted happens. 

7. The focus on what is missing. If we keep on focusing on what we do not have, then we will not be able to see what we do have. You do not have that car you have always liked because it is too expensive. You do not afford a Louboutin pair of shoes or a D&G coat. Things do not define you, nor your life. If you are healthy, surrounded by friends and a family who loves you, if you have food on the table, shoes to wear when it is cold outside and decent clothes to wear, then you can consider yourself extremely lucky. 

8. Anything that has already happened some other time or place. The time that you are living now is the one that matters. Do not make the moments of the present go past by you without you noticing them. Today is a gift, and you should cherish it without focusing on another moment in other time or place. The present is a present, realize how enriched you are by it. 

9. The need for control. One can never have enough control over what happens in life. You do not have to feel insecure because of that, it is normal. Although the uncertainty of some events that may or may not occur in the future gives you depression or takes you to the edge of despair, remember that what is supposed to come will come.

All in all, ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. Would you like to do something else to change your future? What would that be?