5 Things You Need to See Different to Stay True to Yourself

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I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I'm one of those people.
John Lennon

If you can identify yourself with the statement above and if there are times when you feel like a freak among others, then this is the moment you have to learn how to fully accept who you are, embrace all your little peculiarities and start feeling like the really special person that you are. Soon, you will start to notice that people's attitude towards you will change in a positive way, because the way you feel about yourself is reflected in the way others see you and treat you.

Here are a few simple changes that you have to adopt in your daily attitude, which will actually help you to stay true to yourself.

1. Stop acting unnatural in different occasions

So what if you like to do things differently than others, or differently than most of others? That does not mean that you like to do them in a wrong way, as long as it does not affect others, you are free to act in each situation however you feel comfortable.

For example, maybe you like eating standing in an unusual position (for the way it is accepted by the society nowadays) and you are having lunch in public. Well don’t follow the social norm, follow your needs: eat standing up or with your legs crossed in Turkish position, or with your bare hands, if this feels right for you. Apply this principle in every other aspects of your life, as much as you can. 

2. Stop struggling to hide your facial marks. They are not flaws.

If you are one of those special people who have a distinct mark on your face like a darker or lighter birth mark, a bigger nose, or bigger ears, or a facial asymmetry, and all your life you have consider it a flaw and you tried to mask it or conceal it in one way or another, just stop doing that. Be honest and accept the fact that no matter how much you try to hide it, it will still be visible and moreover, people will see that you are trying so hard to fake it, that they will start seeing it as a an imperfection, even if they didn’t before.

But if you will change your attitude towards your own person, accept that you are different and become aware of the fact that you are a beautiful human being, a real human being, than other’s attitude will change. So start having some confidence in yourself and you will see some benefic changes around you.

3. Practice your hobbies, even if they are odd 

You like doing some activities that others may find odd? Well, good for you, but maybe you should start practicing them more often. Maybe you’re into bawl glazing, or painting religious icons, or writing some really disturbing poetry, or singing death metal or some other unusual activities, which only may seem odd for a society that has become so dull, that everything which outlaws the boundaries of shopping, going to the movies or any other conventional activity, is considered strange, then you definitely have to follow your heart and avoid becoming just one of the others.

Pursuit the things that you love, try to find others who share your passion and join them. Do what you like, with people you like and who like you back.

4. Transform your weaknesses into skills

This step is closely related to the previous one, it just refers more to the entrepreneurial part of you. Maybe you have an uncommon passion which can be transformed into a business. Think about it: if you are one of the very few people who like to do something from which others could benefit, or something for which others would be willing to pay, then you should take advantage of that. It’s like when being a talented embalmer and restorer of dead bodies - it doesn’t sound like a pleasant job, but somebody has to do it and in order to really do it well, that person has to put some passion in his or her work.

Bottom line, try to leverage your passions into skills, and then transform them into a job if possible, no matter how odd you think they may seem at first.  

5. Don’t let other’s prejudices get to you

People can be mean. And most of them don’t even have a good reason when acting against others. They somehow do it as a reflex of the short-sighted society that we live in. But you are different, remember? And not in a wrong way. Don’t let anybody in this world make you believe otherwise. So next time when you see a judgmental look pointed right at you, just smile back and don’t even bother to explain yourself. Just ignore the negative vibes and look for the positives ones. You will find them for sure, if you learn where to look. 

To conclude, the most important thing is to accept yourself totally and to start believing that you are not a freak, but a really special person who can easily be distinguished among others. And that’s a plus. The only thing that you have to remember is that your freedom ends right where other’s freedom begins. So as long as you don’t do anything to impact somebody else in real life, just enjoy your personality and don’t let other’s personal opinions affect you.

Begin by sharing with us: which would be the first thing that you would like to start letting others know about yourself?