7 Tips for Integrating Inspirational Quotes in Your Daily Activities

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People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.
Zig Ziglar

Throughout your daily activities, it can happen very often for you to lose focus on what you are doing.

This may happen when you are at work, having to concentrate on a project even when the weather outside is lovely, when you are at home struggling to get out of bed on a rainy day, or even when you are out with your friends, but can’t seem to get your mind off work. There are some moments when you could really use something inspirational and motivational such as a powerful quote that touches you so deep that you feel you need to take action once you read it.

Something that makes you set a personal goal for yourself and determines you to always try and apply the teaching that you got from the wisdom inside it. The thing is, you feel inspired for a little while after reading it, but then, when the moment of truth arrives, and you should actually apply the lesson you got from reading a particular quote, you somehow forget about it.

And it usually happens in a moment when you could definitely apply what you read. Maybe it’s because you did not have the chance to read that particular piece more than once, more than twice, more than a few times, or just how much it would have been enough to get it into your system.

If you are one of those people that feel truly inspired by the power of words, then you should find a way to integrate them into your life more in order to maximize their power of bringing optimism and positivity when needed. Here are some tips on how you could put this into practice:

1. On your desktop background: at home and at the office, with different messages.

The one from your home computer can say something about your personal aspirations and on the other hand, at work you could have something that can help you to increase your work focus, or to improve your relationships with your co-workers. 

2. In your wallet: it can be a quote about how to be more temperate when you spend money.

3.In your purse, bag or backpack: you can slip one or two notes in different pockets, forget about putting them there and then have a nice surprise each time you look for something in those pockets. It would be a good idea to try to change their places every once in a while.

4. On your walls at home: this is a therapeutic and also a very cool way to decorate your home environment.

After you choose your quote or quotes, you will just have to decide which would be the most suitable way to apply them and here you can go wild, be very creative.

You can either write them directly on the painting surface with a dark or colored pencil, you can use a paint brush, you can have them printed on a sticker material or you can improvise in any other way you feel comfortable.

5. Frame them! Yes, it’s also on the walls, but this is something classier and a little bit more expensive. You can easily interchange them when you feel the need to refresh your quotes.

6. On your clothes: you know those great T-shirts with funny, angry, or other mood messages that are so in style right now? Well you can make one of your own, but you can find something less superficial, but meaningful, that you can use to personalize your T-shirt. So next time you go shopping, just buy the simplest T-shirt you can find and make a short stop at the printing booth which you can find in almost every mall.

7.On your cell phone: this one is really clever, you can set up different notifications that can pop up in your face when you most need them.

You can have a day in the week, or every other week, when you can spend some time to program a few really good quotes to greet you in the morning, or to give you some confidence before an exam or an interview you have to attend to, or just to give you a boost of positivism when you know you will have to face a challenging situation.

Even if you like all the suggestions above and you feel like you could put all of them into practice, this is a moment you have to take a step back and try to see the whole picture. You don’t really want to have a message each time you turn your head around. Or maybe you think you do. Now.

But if you would do that, you would risk being in the situation when your mind is bombarded from too many places with too many messages, and it won’t be able to absorb the information from neither one of them. So choose wisely. Choose just a few places you think you would like best and then choose your favorite quotes and use them.

And after a while you can change them; both the places where you hide them and the quotes that inspire you. They will bring some additional good vibes into your life, for sure.

So tell us, what do you think? Which would be the first spots you would place your quotes and what kind of quotes would you use? .