6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Home with a Touch of Positivism

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Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home... it's your responsibility to love it, or change it.
Chuck Palahniuk

Your home should be a mirror of your soul, of your personality, or of how you would like to be if you’re still not there. Home is where at the end of the day we shelter after a hard day of work and where we try to relax and recharge our batteries. This is why it should be full of good vibes and it should reflect the bright and hopeful side of your personality.

With that being said, who wouldn’t want to boost their positivism and optimism by implementing some simple, yet very useful tricks from interior decoration knowledge? Discover bellow some easy but great things that you could do at home, to use your interior decoration as a stimulus for a happy mood.

1.Use positive colors

When you have to decide on the colors you want to use in the decoration of your home, do a little research first and see what does each color stand for in terms of the sensation in creates. For your walls, choose some warm tones of green, blue, orange or purple which have calming, relaxing and peaceful effects.

If you like, you can place in some corners of the rooms some bright powerful colors like red, yellow, orange tangerine or green lime. These stronger tones have an energizing effect upon your state of mind. Don’t be afraid to use color, as much as you would like, because a colorful interior will always be full of joy, like a rainbow after the rain is gone.

Just be careful, don’t exaggerate with too many bright energizing colors, because they can be exhausting for both your eyes and mind if used in excess.

2. Expose happy pictures

Get yourself some beautiful colored frames, or better yet, try to craft them yourself if you feel handy enough (you can find many ideas and tutorials on the Internet).

Choose from your personal picture collection and while browsing through your albums, chose the ones that bring the biggest smile on your face. Print them in different sizes, frame them and start exposing them throughout  your house. It’s like spreading smiles all over!

3. Decorate with positive art pieces

If you are a fan of plastic art manifestations, like sculptures or paintings, you should definitely look towards pieces that express positive feelings, optimism and cheerfulness. Forget about the artists who like to express their sorrow and uprising against different subjects and just go with the happier approaches you can find when you are art shopping.

4. Place happy quotes

Don’t underestimate the power of words and if you have some favorite positivistic quotations that can cheer you up at any time, don’t hesitate to use them as decoration in your home environment. You can find many ways in which you can integrate them into the scene, as decoration.

Just let your mind and creativity do the work for you on this one. You can easily find some tips about how to use inspirational quotes as ornaments. Just pick the ones that are the most suitable for your house.

5. Grow a garden

First of all, taking care of a garden can be a good recreational activity, with therapeutic effects upon your mental state.

Then, the green corner which comes up after you invest some time in this activity will be just the perfect place to load yourself with great positive energy vibrations. The perks of having a garden are not to be ignored: the vivid fresh green, the blooming flowers, these are great boosters for a happy state of mind.

So exploit the subject of natural plants if you can. At least put some herbs or flowers in a few pots, if the space doesn’t allow you to do more than that.

6. Use warm light

Try to get yourself some light bulbs with warm light, even if it is a little bit challenging to find them nowadays with all the economic bulbs on the market.

But still, it’s not impossible. Also, try to use ornamental lamps in different shapes to decorate the interior and put accent on some corners that you like. If you don’t have to use many bright lights inside your home, go with the diffused lights instead, with which you can create a delightful cozy atmosphere. Another tip about what lights you could use to decorate is to get use of your Christmas lights throughout the year.

Obviously you will not put them on a tree, but you can place them above your bed headboard, or above the couch, or in the dining room. The Christmas lights are a symbol of the jolliest time of the year, right? Then why not try to extend that joy throughout the whole year?

So, which piece of advice from above do you find more approachable for your house? If you have other recommendations on how we can increase the positive atmosphere inside our homes, then please share by commenting below.