7 Things You Can Improve in Your Resume

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Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.
Winston Churchill

Many people who are in search of a job are under the impression that recruiters are looking for perfect candidates in the same extent as they are looking for a job. This is far away from the truth if you just consider the simple fact that for each available job offer out there, there is more than one candidate.

So if you want to be noticed, you have to start thinking differently, you have to somehow set yourself apart from the others and help recruiters see your resume and notice really fast after they've opened it, what you are able to do as a professional character. Below you will find which are the most common mistakes that can be associated with the way a resume is presented.

1. Your resume's photo

First of all, you need to have a photo, in case you don’t at the moment. A picture can say more than a thousand words, but you just have to be careful to say the right words with the smile you show up on your resume. Your photo should say: “I’m a reliable person, a committed professional, a friendly colleague and a trustworthy employee”.

For this effect, you need to have a professional photo from the bust above, like a nice photo from your college album, only that in this one you are a grown up (please don’t use your college photo album picture in your resume!). You have to have a proper business attire, a shirt, or a combination of shirt and jacket. Regarding your facial expression, be careful not to have your poker face on or to look to serious.

Just put your best friendly and natural smile on the plate and the result will be the desired one.

2. The template

It’s very easy to just fill out a pre-defined template like the ones available on job portals and then just download them. But on the other side, it’s not too efficient. Most of these templates are very thick from the amount of information required point of view.

They could constitute a stodgy read for the recruiters and if you will analyze them a little, you’ll come to the conclusion that they don’t actually highlight what you need to show off in order to be considered an interesting and attractive candidate in your activity field. So instead of using one of those ugly and dull templates, better take some time to think about how a resume for the job role you aim for should look like, how the information should be organized and which are the points that should be highlighted.

3.The length of a resume

This is something that most candidates don’t think about, but you should not be one of them. This aspect is very important, because in these busy days nobody has the time nor the availability to spend too much time with reading a resume. Even if you feel tempted to put absolutely everything that you did until now, think again and start to filter the information and narrow it down to maximum two pages.

Think about what is really relevant for the position you aim to achieve and only include that. This will say much about your ability to summarize and talk on topic, which is a skill that interests most of the recruiters.

4. The amount of information

Again, it is very important to try not to digress from the topic.

Don’t write long stories with the descriptions of your previous job roles, instead try to use bullet points and keep it simple. Your objective is not to bore the Human Resources department with irrelevant, flat information. If you do, they could stop browsing through your resume and move to the next one.

5. The highlighted points

For each profession there are a number of skills and abilities that make the difference. If you know which are the ones that can favor you, and you should know that, then try to bring them into the front. This means that you should use a different style for them. Use effects like bold or italic for the characters you want to highlight or another option would be to use capitals.

But don’t exaggerate with this approach, just use it where it is really necessary.

6. The format type

If you make your own resume using software like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, then after you finish it, don’t just send it over in editable format.

Instead, save it as PDF which is considered a much more professional format and then start spreading it around. Also, it would be a good idea to have an online version of your resume (an option would be using your LinkedIn profile) plus, if you think that it would benefit you, then another fashionable format nowadays is the video resume.

7. The details that count

Read your resume over and over again before applying for a job.

Ask a friend to read it for you and ask for his feedback. Make sure there are no grammar errors, no typos, expressions with double meaning, or any other flaw in the way you present things. Check if you phone number is correct and if you inserted some website links, make sure they work. Try to have an overall neat look.

It would be kind of embarrassing to mention you “attention for details” in your resume, but prove the contrary in the way you handled your own and most important presentation material. Until now, maybe you had a different view on what constitutes a good resume and after reading this you might conclude that you have to work a bit for it.

The truth is that there are many candidates out there and competition is intense so make it easy for recruiters to quickly see you in a positive light. Don’t go with the idea that they will read between the lines, or that they will have the patience to read four whole pages and then conclude. You have to project who you are from their first view at your pages.

Is these a section of your resume that could use improvement? Do you have any other tips on how to present your resume? Comment below and let us know.