10 Things to Include on Your Every Day to Do List

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Time and time again I was told that I would never make the film on time and never make it on budget. That kind of criticism tends to turn me into a great big motor of efficiency.
Richard E. Grant

If you want to increase your day to day productivity you first must analyze your working behavior and see what and where you can improve your conduct. If you don’t have a benchmark to relate to, start by reading the below recommendations and see where you can optimize the way you handle things on a daily basis.

1. Wake up every day, at a regular time.

Having a wake up hour is a way of teaching your body that it has to activate itself at a certain moment. After a while, you will notice that you don’t even need an alarm clock, because your body will know when it has to wake up and get out of bed.

2. Energize your body with morning exercise.

Doing some morning exercise doesn’t mean that you have to start to run for the marathon, or any other heroic sports act. You just have to give your body at least 10 minutes to get your blood in motion and lubricate the whole “machinery”.

Maybe, at first, it will seem like an huge, unnatural effort to make first thing in the morning, but if you make a habit out of it, it can do wonders for your a.m. energy boost.

3. Take quick showers

Having quick showers rather than long, relaxing baths can improve your productivity. Why? Because long relaxing baths induce a lazy mood and sleepiness.

So if you want to get up to speed with your to do list for the day, then better get your ass in the shower cabin, and try the Irish style: alternate hot and cold water, finish up in not more than 10 minutes and get ready for a brisk start of the day. 

4. Make a to do list.

 Yes, on your to do list, you should have a to do list item checked.

When you deal with multiple tasks that you want to handle in just one day, it’s easier for you to have them written down on a piece of paper. Sometimes you start something, then you have to put that aside and start working on a different thing, then on another, then you want to come back to the first task and so on.

And if you are this kind of multitasking person, you are exposed to the risk of losing track of time and the things you are actually try to complete. So, in order to be able to always have an overview of your daily activity, you should approach this in the old fashion way: by having a to do list on a piece of paper and crossing each item off when you consider the job done.

5. Diversity - a must have

Yes, it is good to focus all your attention on just one thing if you want to give it your best. But, even so, it is preferable to alternate the fields of activity during the day. Otherwise, you will end up feeling powerless and drained of ideas.

6. Prioritize

Set up a priority order for your activities ahead.

Sure, they are all important and need to be done, but you must establish in your mind the order in which you will handle things and then work your way down the list.

7. Take short regular breaks

It is a proven fact that letting your brain relax for a little wile in between different activities, can actually improve productivity.

The secret is not to take breaks longer than ten, fifteen minutes. When possible, try to get away from the working spot, so if you work in an office, try to get outside, under the open sky. If the location doesn’t allow that, at least change the room for a little while. Just don’t kid yourself and think that by changing the tabs on your internet browser your brain will actually treat this as a break, because it wont.

It’s the same tedious display tormenting your eyes.

8. Don’t lose focus. Don’t do more than two things at a time

The multitasking way of working is a very dangerous “highway”. The reason is that when you handle more than two things at the same time, there is a big chance that you will get tangled between the two tasks and lose focus.

You can end up failing at completing both those tasks. Doing things simultaneously is not so much of an heroic act, it is more of an irresponsible attitude that can get you to an epic fail. So, if possible, try to avoid this kind of approach.

9. Check your time frame

If you have a schedule and you should definitely have one, then you better follow the plan you made at the beginning of the day.

This means that if you planned to spend a certain amount of time on doing something, but you did not finished the activity in time, it would probably be better for you to move forward anyway. You can come back to what you left unfinished at the end of the day. This way you avoid messing up your whole schedule.

And if only one or two things remain to be taken care of in the next day, it really wont be the end of the world.

10. Working soundtracks - classical music

Creating a pleasant work environment is one of the key factors in increasing your productivity.

Maybe it’s not so handy to work on your surroundings, maybe it’s not a good time to invest in redecorating, but you can definitely work on you surrounding sounds. According to scientific studies, the best kind of music to listen to when you are working is classical music. Some tests have shown that this type of music stimulates the brain.

Even plants grow bigger if you play them Mozart or Beethoven, so why not give it a try. If you really don’t like classical music, then just go with what you feel it fits better for you. But just play something, if not for you, at least for your brain. Bottom line, you need to have a lot of discipline if you want to be able to give the best that you can give.

You have to be honest with yourself: know your limits and try to push those limits every day a little bit higher. Be careful though not to go over the edge, and also be aware of your potential, don’t let it go to waste.

Can you share with us your personal tips for increasing productivity throughout the day? Please comment below and let us know.