8 Reasons Why Living Alone Is a Positive Experience and a Must

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If you are lonely when you're alone, you are in bad company.
Jean-Paul Sartre

Being on you own should not be felt like a lonely period in your life, it should be one of the best stages you can enjoy as an adult. For a limited amount of time, at least once in a lifetime, everybody should try doing this. If you are not convinced that this can be a fortunate thing for you, here are some good reasons why you should consider trying this someday, if you ever have the chance:

1. Sentiment of independence

Nothing can compare to the sweet and fulfilling sentiment of being independent. And when it comes to this, what can be more appealing than the idea of living on your own, guided only by your own rules? If you make it out alive after a few months, you can have a new type of self-esteem for yourself.

As you will see, the transition can be quite challenging, even if you may think otherwise, but it will definitely worth the effort.

2. Get to really know yourself

Growing up as a child and living in your parents' home is pretty much the natural way most of us have reached young adulthood. While this is perfectly normal, and we develop our own personality,  we still tend to make things their own way.

Sometimes we know it’s not our way, but other times we don’t even realize it. This applies in cases where you are living with other people too, no matter if this is your boyfriend/ girlfriend, or just your college roomies. Sharing a house with other souls, makes us adapt to them. On the other hand, when you get to be on your own, you can really set yourself free and follow only your instinct and have only your own, maybe odd, habits.

Many of the people who started living alone at a point in their life have stated that they were surprised by their own behavior and the new habits they developed. So, like I previously said, if you ever have the chance to live alone, do it,  who knows what you are about to find out about yourself?

3. Be alone when you want

Most individuals who live along other people can’t wait for a reason to have everybody leaving the house, so they can have it all to themselves. Well, when you live alone, you don’t have to worry about this sort of things. You always have the whole house for yourself, except for the times you don’t feel like being alone.

Then you can call your friends over, they won’t say no, especially if you lure them with some goodies. The point is that you can be alone when you want to be alone and you can be with others, when you invite them to join you, not on other undesirable situations.

4. Decorate as you please

Decorating the place you live in, especially when you have other people living with you, is quite challenging, because it will be hard to have everyone agree upon the same things. When you are the king or queen of your own castle however, you don’t have to make any concessions on it.

So, if you want that East side wall in an electric orange hue, even though currently it is white, just grab a bucket of paint and a roller and start rolling. And keep rolling, rolling, on everything in each room, until it all looks the way you like it.

5. Listen to your music

Another sensitive subject when it comes to living together with someone is music.

What if the others hate your music? Or worse, you hate their music? Well you don’t have to worry about this kind of issues when you live alone as you can only upset the walls with your favorite chords.

6. Cook only what you like

Remember when your mum had to cook dinner for the family and she always had a hard time trying to feed and please each family member? It’s the same old story all over again.

If you like to cook and you live in a shared house, you will naturally want to make everybody happy with what you prepare. But how about being a little selfish here, and think about how beautiful it would be to think only about your appetite and what you like to eat? After all, you’re the chef!

7. Have parties

It’s difficult to invite friends over when you live with others. You always have to worry about the mess that they make, the noise, if they are going to bother your roommates and everything suddenly seems so complicated, that you end up cancelling everything. When you live alone it is a different scenario, as you will only need permission from yourself :).

So, you can invite over whomever you want whenever you want, without having to worry about ridiculous unimportant problems.

8. Walk around naked

One of the sweetest things regarding the living alone project is that you can walk around, every day, all day, in any room, naked. Suddenly the doors will not have any utility. No need to hide in your bedroom or bathroom. It’s just you, and it’s perfectly ok.

Are you in a stage of your life were living alone could be one of the options? Are you willing to try it? .