5 Behavioral Habits You Should Give Up

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Not managing your time and making excuses are two bad habits. Don't put them both together by claiming you 'don't have the time.
Bo Bennett

If you wonder what could you do so as to improve your general state of mind, if you feel like you are in a place right now, in which you need to change something but you are not sure from where to start, then try to make an honest examination of your temper. Try to evaluate yourself through what your friends say about you. If they are too shy or too polite to tell you which are the things that sometimes bother them , then you can begin by analyzing the following five behavioral habits, habits which can characterize many types of personalities.

1. Procrastinating

Somebody once said that there are a million ways in which you can lose a work day, but not even a single way to get one back. This is true and it doesn't only apply in the working environment, but also upon all the other aspects of our life. Why do we keep thinking that now is not a good moment to do something?

We always seem to be very good at finding excuses to keep up with yesterday and when it comes to acting and dealing with whatever comes up today, it just looks like it’s over our hands and we immediately find reasons to postpone and wait until conditions improve.

Well, if you want to reach your objectives, at work and in life, this attitude has to change. You have to be the person that looks for solutions, not for obstacles and you need to start getting things done. It is the only way to evolve and move forward.

2. Whining for the fun of it

Drama queen characters are easy to spot. They usually are the ones that always complain about different aspects, but somehow, if you analyze them for a while, you notice that every time they get into trouble its like they have searched for it, like they created the drama themselves. These people are in many cases the ones who feel the need to get more attention than normally required.

Analyze yourself, are you a drama queen? If you think that you get what you want by having this kind of behavior then you could be in trouble after a while. This kind of conduct may seem at the surface as a way of attracting people’s attention. At first, it works. But after a while, all this whining becomes really exhausting for the ones listening to it. Sooner or later your audience starts to avoid your shows. So, if you don’t want to loose all your friends, one by one, you should consider changing this annoying attitude and remember that nobody likes needy and whining people.

3. Gossiping

Gossiping around other people is a despicable behavioral act that for some people has become the only social practice they know. Surprisingly, is not a disease that affects only women, but men also tend to get gossipy. Although it seems like an innocent and harmless social activity, without even noticing, when you engage in this kind of discussions with your friends, you only fill your soul with negative energy and contribute to inflame others as well. So, even if gossiping is one of the easiest ways to interact with other people, maybe you should think about other topics and engage in more constructive conversations, out of which you can actually learn something new, or at least feed your karma with some positive vibes.

4. Grudging

Being jealous on something other people have, regardless of the nature of the thing, either it is material or emotional, will not get you that thing sooner. Stop thinking about what others have, do not consume yourself analyzing the reasons for why they have it and you don’t, because there is no connection between these reasons, they are not codependent of each other. If you really aim for something, than get yourself together and make an action plan.

See which are the things that you need to do, make a priority list and begin your journey to conquest that purpose, walking on a sunny road filled with positive and productive energy. Grudging will only have the opposite effect as it will fill you up with negative thoughts and will only drag you down, so try to avoid having this damaging attitude as much as possible.

5. Sedentariness

One of the most painful lumps in the way we live our lives in this age is represented for sure by sedentariness. We all have jobs that keep us tight to a chair about eight hours a day, we sit in a car while getting where we need to be, and when we get to it, it is most likely another location that will keep us still for another while. We end up late in the evening at home, sitting again on the couch, exhausted, waiting to go to sleep and ready to do this all over again the next day.

Why are we so tired then, if we barely made any physical effort during the day? Well, exactly because of this. Sitting in almost the same position all day, doesn’t make it easy for our muscles. Instead of resting, they just get tense. It’s a very well known fact. That’s why you need to find the time and willingness to try and do some exercises, as often as you can.

Maybe you can go to the gym two or three times a week. If not, then at least remember that even ten minutes of the easiest exercises ever can make a difference. Just try to change this section of your lifestyle for a month, to test it. See how you feel and then decide if it's worth the effort or not.

If you recognize yourself in either one of these characters, try to acknowledge that this can only be a disadvantage for you so the recommendation would be to find a way and change that.

Now, be a good friend and tell us, which are the things that most bother you, something which you often find in the persons with whom you interact with frequently.