7 Tips for Dressing in a More Optimistic Way

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Life isn't about the brand of clothes you wear, or about who looks the best. It's about the number of faces which smile when they hear your name.
Christian Ortiz

…Or when they see your face.The way you dress can have a big influence on your general state of mind and, the beauty of it is that it can also have an impact on the people you get in contact with. It’s an art which some people master naturally, but others have to put a little bit of effort into it.

Here are some helpful tips that you could use, if you want to boost the joy in a happy day, or if you want to overgrow the clouds from a not so jolly day:

1. Go for colors

Think about all the people you see passing by you every day: on your way to the office, in the restaurants, at the movies, in the mall, etc.. Everywhere you look, you can see mostly dull colors and everyone looks almost the same, at a first view. But sometimes, you see a person that stands out from the crowd: that person wears a delicious red trench, or a fresh green pair of trousers, or something else. But it’s definitely a bright color on them. Be that person! Be the one that brings color into a meeting room or anywhere else you have to be. People will lighten up when they see you and this will reflect also towards yourself.

2. Look for happy prints

When you go shopping, try to step outside your general clothing style. Look for some happy prints, go back to childhood! Pick up some crazy t-shirts with colorful flowers, or with your favorite cartoons, or something else you find funny and positive. Don’t be afraid that you will look ridiculous. Mix one printed piece with a simple one and the effect will be a beneffic one, both for your image (because this style is really cool) and for your mood.

3. Wear funny accessories

If you like to wear accessories, why not go wild and buy yourself some crazy ones? Find a handmade brooch or bracelet, put a funny hat on or an amusing tie around your neck, or wear a foolish bohemian scarf. Find something that represents you, yet it’s different than what you can usually find in your sober wardrobe.

4. Wear amulets

Amulets can be found in different kinds of shapes that can be integrated in an outfit. Ok, so maybe it’s just a piece of string or a needless rock dressed in a nice shape so it can be easily sold to credulous and naive people. But don’t take it so seriously, just take it for what it represents and for the beauty of it. Cynicism won’t get you anywhere, but a beautiful bracelet that should supposedly bring you luck can’t hurt for sure. And, if it doesn’t guarantee luck, at least it makes you look pretty :)

5. Wear happy memory things

When you go on a trip, or at a fair with your friends or whenever you are in a good place, having a good time, see if if it's possible to buy something to wear. The reason for doing this is that whenever you will wear that thing you bought in a happy moment, it will always remind you of it and elevate your mood. It's like getting a good burst of energy whenever you need it - you just need to put the thing you bought on.

6. Positive messages at sight

Happy quotes don’t have to be kept only in your notebook. They can stay proudly on your cloths as well. Especially because statement t-shirts are always in fashion, for men and women also. So next time you have the chance to get yourself one of these, don’t hesitate. And, if you don’t like what you can find in the stores, feel free to make your own, with the message the represents you the best. You just need a simple t-shirt, a print shop and inspiration for positive vibe messages.

7. Be the character you love

Yes, it’s not Halloween every day and we are not implying that you should costumate on any other day. But if you have a favorite positive character, the one that always cheers you up when you see him, just try to borrow something from his outfit. Maybe is Mary Poppin’s umbrella, or Superman’s blouse, or something else. It’s just an item that reminds you and the ones you meet that day about a positive figure. Even if it's something small, this can have the power to make a difference in a cloudy day.

Now that you know, try to apply these suggestions in your life and see what happens. Be careful, not to exaggerate with them. If you are a beginner in this, start by testing them one by one, so you don’t risk looking like a clown. Whatever you decide to choose, don’t forget to always wear a smile, because this is the most important accessory you have.